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Related post: Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 21:38:23 EST From: Double A Subject: Raven Hair (Part 1)Disclaimer: After a hiatus of sorts, models girls ls I am back with another story! Yay! Anyway, due to personal problems, I've been unable/unwilling to write svetlana chilmodel much of anything for a long time. quinn modelcom Here is a new story from me to you. For those of you who know my style and enjoy it, you should really like this models girls aloud one. Like I said, though, I haven't written anything for a while, so I may be a bit rusty. For those who don't know my style, I tend to use a lot of build-up and "storyline". So, if you came on to find a story for a quick jack-off, then this probably ain't for you. However, if you want to take the time newstar models tgp to read a beautiful tale of young love, then sit back, take a sip from your glass of wine, and enjoy!And remember...Always stand up for what you think is right, don't models angels illegal listen to bullshit, no matter who is saying it, and always speak with your fists and swear a lot to valde teen models be heard!******************Part 1: The summer had seemed too short for David Levine and it was with boy dime model great misery that he packed his backpack famous models for maxwells girl models his first day back to school. It wasn't just any other 'back to school' day, either. It was his first day of high school. He was so sure that everybody would laugh at him, too. He'd gained almost ten pounds over the summer holidays, from lack of exercise, and his mother had made him get a haircut and the stupid guy had cut it too short. It's the last time he'd let a bald guy cut his lily model sets hair. David knew that crew-cuts were pretty in now, but he hated having short hair, especially now that he had a bit of extra littl teen model meat around classy models sexy sandra model ru his waist. As he looked in the mirror, he grimaced at his reflection and remarked, "I just look fatter with my hair this short!" "No, you don't, dear." Came his mother's gallery naked supermodel voice from the doorway. David picked up his backpack and whined, "Aw, mom, everybody's going to laugh at me! I look so ugly!" sarah model tgp She laughed at him and replied, "You're not ugly, David. You're really handsome, and, besides, anybody teen models board who laughs at you isn't your friend." "I guess." David said, unconvinced. sweet models links With his head down, he followed his mother down the stairs and into the vestibule, where he put on his coat. He could amber models young think of a million different things he could have done to make this easier for him: He could have worn a ls model issue more stylish coat than the torn blue jean jacket that he had on, he could have bought new shoes, uncensored young models instead of the old Nikes that he wore. Not only were the older kids going to think he was a total jessy kid model loser, but Matt teen models pantyhose and Michael, his two friends from grade school who were going to the same high dolly supermodel pics school as him, were going to think he'd totally lost it. He'd gone from being in the oldest grade and looking down at the stupid grade one'ers, to going right into a school where he'd be a grade 7 baby for all the grade 11 guys to bully around. He was taller and probably 13 model teen stronger than most thirteen-year-olds, but he still knew that columbian model danni he was going young non models to get his ass kicked. As his mother pulled the car around in front of Bialik High School, Dave crouched down lower in his russian child supermodels seat, as he saw all the sixteen and seventeen-year-olds walking around all tough. model underwear young You can almost see their muscles tensing in their built bodies, while Dave slowly opened the door and pulled his overweight - although only slightly - body out of girl model polska his mother's car, amateur models butt slung his back over black topless model his right shoulder and tried to walk as confidently as possible up the walk, toward the front door to the school. He could almost feel the vlads models anya eyes of the older kids scanning him and wondering who the new kid was. If he'd have turned kids model pics around, he probably would have noticed that they really couldn't care less. He'd already been to Bialik a few weeks ago to take a tour of the place, so he knew that he needed to take the small flight of stairs up and head into the library next little xxx models to the main office. sandra model to As he entered the library, he noticed a bunch of other kids child teenz models already there, awaiting model shelby teen the orientation to teen boy models begin. adt models Among them, much to his relief, was Matt Silvers. He rushed over beside him. "Dave! How ya doin'?" Matt exclaimed, punching David model galleries on the shoulder. migro bikini models amateur glamour model David smiled and shrugged, lying, "I'm great! This new school thing is so cool!" Matt smiled, "Isn't inna nude model it, though? Look at all these books!" Matt was youth nude models a huge nerd, complete with glasses and nasally voice. 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Michael shrugged and replied with a giggle, "I guess you'll be late and get expelled or something." David nodded, then asked, "So, do you, like, know anybody else here. I mean, did anybody come from our grade school or what?" alex lynn model Michael shook his head, "I don't think so. Most of the other kids went to Wager. I guess..." His voice trailed off, as he looked off at the door. Michael's pudgy face twisted into a grimace, as he remarked, "What the hell are you doing here?" David turned around and spotted a boy japan teen model standing over by the library door. David didn't recognize him, but Michael sure did, as he stepped over and growled, "I thought you were going to Westmount High!" angels models pree The new boy replied, his face remaining calm and reflective, and portfolios model his voice a extremely young models cracking pubescent pitch, "It's none of your business where I go, asshole." little girl modeling glenda model nude Michael opened his mouth to respond, but shut it again and, making a face, stomped off toward the study area of the library. David turned toward the new boy for a second, analysing the object of russia preeteen models his friend's apparent hatred. The boy was wearing a black jeans and black shoes, modelos 3d desnudas with a black shirt visible underneath a violet-tinged white sweatshirt with a double-ended pocket in the front. The sweatshirt seemed two sizes too big, and hung loosely around the boy's body. He had green eyes that looked around the library innocently and black hair that hung down to his shoulders. model 15yo toples The dark clothing that he wore were in great contrast to the paleness of his complexion. cori collins model "Yes? May I help you?" The boy said, strawberry nude model with slight rutherford model annoyance. David became aware that he was staring at the boy, and, a red tinge to his kaydee teen model ears, quickly child models porn shook his head and jogged off to alt models teen where Michael model kris jacob now sat. "I can't believe he's here...." He heard Michael mumble to himself, as he approached. David sat down beside Michael and inquired, "Who is that guy?" bikini model sex Michael cast a bianchi model b12 bitter glance over at the black-haired kid and replied to David, "Oh, that's just Aarhole." David snorted in laughter, "Aarhole?" Michael shrugged, "Aaron...Aaron Sternzus. He was from my old grade school. The one I went to before I went to JPPS and jessimodel florence met you. He's a total jerk." beauties models David turned his head and glanced over toward the kid. He was now standing near the library desk and flipping through a MAD magazine. Turning back to Michael, David shrugged and said, "He doesn't seem so bad." Michael smiled, "You wait. If you're unlucky enough to have him in any of your classes, you'll see what an asshole he is...or, should I say, an Aarhole." modelmayhme com bikini cecille model David shrugged and glanced back at "Aarhole". He looked so calm and unimposing. pbase bikini model Then again, Michael would model ships probably know 2204 model tree him better than top modele tgp he would. When nn model slip the uk models orientation got youngmodel teen underway, everybody preeteen model under took their seats. David sat child petite models next to Matt sandra model galleries and Michael and Aaron sat way off in the back, away from everybody, and continued to read MAD magazines. The model fucked principal came in and talked about how it can be a very overwhelming experience to go from grade school into high school. little models fucking David mostly toned out that stuff, because he was nervous enough as it. lsm teen modeling After the principal sex models ranking had finished super model nudes his speech, he went about reading out the homeroom lists. "And the final two in homeroom 218," the principal said, escada current model after spending the last twenty minutes reading out no names, "are David Levine and Aaron Sternzus." David saw Aaron look up briefly as his name was called, but even that, he seemed to recognize with ten model top100 only preeteen models top100 passing interest. David, however, was very interested. Michael and Matt were in two separate too young models homerooms, so David usenet petite model was in a homeroom with people he didn't know, and this Aaron guy that Michael had warned him about. early teen supermodels "It's going to be a fucking awful year." David thought, as he lined up with the rest of his homeroom. Aaron got in line last, and, acrobatic teen model his arms crossed, stood and looked around passively.
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